Smarter Balanced Practice

IMG_4194Each grade level has now had a chance to practice the Smarter Balanced assessment at Lincoln Street School.  Each grade level spent a total of about 1 hour working through the computerized assessment.  Teachers harnessed this opportunity to instruct their students in both how to use the technology in addition to the content of the test.  Teachers modeled thought processes and the use of available tools in addition to interacting and problem solving one-on-one with students.

John DePlanche, SAU Technology Services, was available to monitor our bandwidth usage during each test session.  We were able to administer the test while also continuing with regular classroom technology demands.  No special accommodations or limitations were needed.  This development means that the entire school can be assessed more efficiently this year, taking much less time than in the past, and it will make valuable instructional technology resources more available to students not testing.  Thank you to the Exeter PTO for purchasing additional Chromebook computers freeing up our school funds to upgrade our wireless network infrastructure.  These new capabilities would not be possible without their generous support.