Eyes Wide Open for the Finer Details

IMG_4200Every day I walk into school, I pass this beautiful tile art.  Today, it struck me just how beautiful this piece really is.  It is an homage to Robinson Female Seminary that used to exist on the Main Street School and Lincoln Street School campus.  Created by former LSS students, it symbolizes so many fine points about this school community.

There is a respect and an admiration for history here.  This deep regard is noticeable by the historical significance this town played in our nation’s history along with the constant reminder provided by the architecture throughout town.

The school is student centered, and children can do amazing things.  This piece of art is gorgeous.  The texture of the tiles, the deep blue colors, and the earthy tones of the building and windows tie the work to the grounds the real building was built upon.  Students made this!  Many students combined their individual tiles to make this one piece of art…

…and they did it with the help of dedicated and talented teachers who work diligently to instill a love of the arts because this community has consistently supported them to do so!


2 thoughts on “Eyes Wide Open for the Finer Details

  1. I too, appreciate the history and sense of “place” that is very evident in this community. I’ve seen examples from students that they are also aware of this and am thankful that we as a school community, foster this in the children we interface with daily.


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