Classroom Highlights

Enriching activities have been occurring in our school recently.  Below are some examples of some media and technology integrated activities.

Fourth grade students have been meeting weekly for 6 weeks with Ms. Tabet to create Google Slides presentations.  Ms. Estle and Ms. Smith’s classes were assigned Volcanoes as their topic. Ms. Polycronopoulos and Mr. Schmitt’s classes conducted interviews and created a presentation about their classmate. Ms. Leaver’s class presentations were about Geology. Students in Ms. Varrin’s class studied different states and regions while Ms. Pupino’s class presented about  NH State Government. Energy Sources was an issue that Mr. Hanlon and Ms. Roeder’s classes studied in science.  They learned how to create a Google Slide Presentation, add and change themes, choose appropriate slide layouts, add text boxes with bulleted lists, search and insert copyright-free images and set animations and transitions on each slide. Students will present in their classrooms and many of the presentations will be showcased on our school’s website. Students always enjoy this unit and when reviewing the presentation skills in fifth grade, it is evident that they retain the knowledge and skills introduced in 4th grade.  Additionally in grade 4, students continue to learn how to use our online databases, including World Book Online and Britannica School.  Fifth grade students are conducting various modules of Digital Passport, practicing critical skills related to digital safety, respect, and community.

Third graders are meeting weekly with Ms. Tabet from Feb. 2nd through the second week of March. They will start by introducing students to coding through Code Studio and the Hour of Code. Each class has an account set up through Code Studio. Students log in and their work is saved each session. Teachers can monitor student progress by logging into their class account.

Also, Grade 3 students have been busy discussing what makes a good digital footprint as they learn about Digital Citizenship. They have had an opportunity to practice safe online use as they learn about the many exciting features of the Destiny Online Catalog.

In celebration of Martin Luther King Jr., the students contributed to the Our Powerful Words visual display celebrating Dr. King’s efforts to build a more caring community.

George O’Connor, the author of the very popular Olympians series will be visiting our fourth grade students on February 9th.