Microscope and Slides Gifted to LSS by an Anonymous Donor


Mrs. Andriski’s class has been amazed by the microbes they’ve observed recently.  Please read the thank you note below written by the class to the magnanimous donor.


Dear Anonymous Person,

Thank you for donating your time to buy us such an incredible microscope that classes will enjoy through many years of knowledge. We thank you very much. We think it is awesome. image_2We greatly enjoy the mosquito larva and the bee wings. Our class jumped for joy when Mrs. Andriski opened the box.  We also thank you for giving us the slides. They were a big hit. Not many people would donate such a wonderful present to our class. Kids who have free time always want to look through and see such magnificent  things. Kids are lining up around the table to see the astonishing slides. Mrs. Andriski and class says we are so fortunate to get such a spectacular donation to our classroom and what it means to us. You are greatly appreciated with gratitude.image

                    Yours truly,
Mrs. Andriski’s Class