Update: Operation Lesvos

Third grade teacher, Mrs. Mara Andriski, recently began an outreach program with her class that is designed to help children link their Immigration Simulation from last month to modern day immigration, a situation that is affecting thousands of people in Europe. The Greek island of Lesvos is one of the gateways, like Ellis Island that these families pass through on their journey. The island nation as a whole has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize and has been reported in publications such as The New Yorker and featured on the NBC Nightly News because of their tremendous humanitarian efforts in the face of such overwhelming need. With support from a parent from Mrs. Andriski’s class and the parent’s colleague at Merrimack College in Massachusetts, the class has organized a drive at LSS that is focused on those items needed most: clothes, blankets and toiletries, as well as collecting funds for shipping these items to Lesvos. The overall hope is that talking about the collection of these items with students will truly give them a better perspective of modern immigration and the difficulties that immigrants still face on a daily basis. It is Mrs. Andriski’s hope that the real world application of this project has provided a deeper understanding and relevant connection for students as it relates to this immigration unit.  At this point, Mrs. Andriski’s class has collected a number of items and are ready to ship, as you can see in the attached pictures.  Thank you to all who have donated already.  Each box will cost about $50.oo to ship, if you are interested in helping defray the costs, please contact our office (603-775-8860).  Every little bit goes a long way!