Enter Lincoln Street from the South and You May Be Rewarded…

…With Extra Time!

For the next month, Lincoln Street will be under construction again.  The good news is that your children should not be affected during the school day.  That work was completed in the fall.

The majority of construction will occur on the north end of Lincoln Street spanning from the staff parking lot at Lincoln Street School to the intersection with Main Street between the hours of 7am and 4pm.  The street will be limited to one lane, and some parking may be removed.  The Handkerchief Factory has provided a few public parking spots during the construction period to accommodate for the lost spaces.  There may also be tripping hazards along the side of the road or along the sidewalk.  If you transport your children to or from school, please add a few additional minutes to your morning routine.  Additionally, you might save extra time by entering Lincoln Street from the south, or Front Street, as there will not be construction on that end.  

Town staff, the construction crew, First Student and school staff have been in contact to plan as closely as possible to prevent any possible problems.  While we feel confident that we have circumvented potential problems, we would love for you to please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


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