Welcome to Lincoln Street School!

Welcome, students and families, to the 2016-17 school year.  We are excited to begin this journey with you.  The students, your children, have settled into their classrooms and are currently learning their teacher’s routines and expectations and meeting their classmates.  I have seen many smiles and expressions of appreciation from students after being asked about their summer and their readiness and desire to be back at school.  Don’t let them tell you they weren’t ready for school!

As is typical with the first day of school, you will have quite a bit of paperwork to look through tonight.  There are three new items to note:

  1. A bright lemon yellow checklist that clearly describes what papers we need returned and what you can keep at home.  This should help alleviate any confusion.
  2. In an effort to “Go Green” you can read the new Parent/Handbook HERE.  If you would prefer to have a hard copy, there is a lime green form for you to complete and return.
  3. September is the last month the SAU16 Food Service Department will send home a paper menu.  If  you would like to view the upcoming meals, please click HERE and find the appropriate school.  There is also a quick link at the very top of our LSS home page.

I’m sure your children will return home today with many updates, stories and questions.  If you need help answering any of them or have questions yourselves, please refer to your child’s teacher’s website (CLICK HERE) or feel free to call the main office (775-8860).

We are excited to start the new year with you!!


Drew Bairstow