Update from the Office


Dear Lincoln Street Families,

October is in full swing, the leaves are changing, and everyone is settling into their new school routines.  Please read below for a few reminders now that the quick pace of the early school year is behind us.

Students may not come to school prior to 8:00am unless prescheduled with a staff member.  There is no school supervision prior to 8am. Once students arrive to school in the morning, they should proceed around the back of the school using the roadway to the right side of the building beside the gymnasium to make their way to the playground area.   Students who have a scheduled activity (breakfast, Title I tutoring, Student Council) may access the school through the front door in the morning.  If there is inclement weather, students will enter the building and sit outside their room in the hallway as they wait for the school day to begin.  In the afternoon, we ask that each parent parks his/her car and walks to the pick-up area to the right side of the building.  School staff will then assist students in finding their ride home.

Toys are an important part of a child’s development.  At school, however, they can be a distraction and create arguments between classmates.  Please ensure that your child leaves his/her toys at home unless your child’s teacher has made a special exception.  This includes trading cards, stuffed animals, and Shopkins.

We appreciate your attention to these requests.  It helps us maintain school safety and security and allows us the ability focus our attention on the intellectual development of your children.  Please feel free to call if you have any questions.

J. Andrew Bairstow, Principal