What a Community to Be Thankful For!

Please read the message below from individuals running The EHS Martha LaPerle Outreach Program.  The program is a testament to the giving nature of the greater Exeter community.  I know I am thankful to be a part of it.


Hi Everyone,

During a time when there is so much division in our nation, our community stepped forward and provided holiday baskets  to over 150 families in the SAU 16 District. This unity helped many families who are going through  difficult journeys. Your kindness of food and gift cards has brightened the holidays for many families who could not have provided this dinner to their families.

On behalf of the “The EHS Martha LaPerle Outreach Program”  we would like to thank you for your generosity and kindness. This program will continue to  try to help families throughout the year. It couldn’t run without your support.

  We  feel honored to have the opportunity to work with such a giving  group of people from our community. Thank you for your generosity and kindness.  Hope the holidays are special for everyone. Please share this e-mail with your group. May 2017 bring your family  health and happiness!

Thank you, 

 Brenda Flammini, Meg Laverty RN, Rose Love, RN, and Lisa Swett


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