3rd Grade Art on Display at Exeter Public Library

Grade 3 Sky Collages

On view at the Children’s Room

Exeter Town Library

February 2017

Grade 3 students created these sky collages by first making monotype prints and then gluing torn paper to these prints to show a ground line. Students made their prints by squirting different color paints on a board and placing a piece of paper on top of the paint. They then moved the paper a bit and “pulled” the print by lifting the paper quickly!

Rich black paper was either torn or cut to create the ground for these landscapes. After the ground was collaged onto the print, students needed to give their work of art a title.  They were asked to look closely at the sky collage they created and to use what they saw in it as a basis for its title.

This exhibit is a small sampling from each of the nine Grade 3 classes at Lincoln Street School.  Please be sure to read the titles as well as view the art work – their perceptions of the world we live in are deep, descriptive and always delightful!
Enjoy the show!