Similarity Awareness Presentations at LSS All Week

dsn_ne_passage_logos-2All week during LSS PE classes, students will experience an active presentation by UNH’s Northeast Passage.

Northeast Passage describes the experience as follows:

The presentation aims to create “Similarity Awareness”, which allows students of all ages to see that people with disabilities are an important part of our society and should be embraced and understood. The goal of the program is to give students, teachers and administrators the tools to discuss and explore the similarities we all share, regardless of ability.

Through this program, Northeast Passage brings wheelchairs and accessories to facilitate and play a variety of indoor wheelchair sports/games. This experience teaches non-disabled students that although using a wheelchair while playing a sport takes skill and practice, it’s also challenging, athletic and fun. (

This program provided exercise and a great learning experience for our students.  Many smiles and thought provoking questions have been seen so far!