Have You Seen Our Competency Based Education Resource Page Yet?

If you have not seen it yet, please be sure to visit our Competency Based Education resource page on our LSS website.  You can click HERE to access it or visit lss.sau16.org, click on the RESOURCES tab, and on the drop down menu, choose Competency Based Education.

The most recent addition to the page is at the bottom.  It is an article from the Christian Science Monitor published recently describing the shift to Competency Based Education taking place in New Hampshire.  The article provides a good description of the practice and how the Department of Education is tackling the issue–through requiring students to demonstrate mastery of essential skills while using analysis, reflection, creativity, and creative thinking.


Have a Fun Summer!



Dear LSS Families,

Thank you for a great school year.  We are so proud of everything your children have accomplished this year, how much they have grown, and the work we are doing as a community to invest in our children.  Over the summer, our staff will be working to develop our teaching strategies to personalize each student’s educational experience at our school, to foster creative thinking and problem solving skills, and to bolster communication and collaboration skills.  Students may not be here at school, but our work continues.  We believe in continuous improvement!

Please have a fun summer, stay safe, and do your best to keep your children reading and thinking.


Drew Bairstow

Our Shift to Competency Based Education

Dear LSS Families,

New Hampshire is a nation wide leader in its shift toward Competency Based Education.  Our school district is following our state’s leaders in adjusting our practices to accommodate for this transition.  We’ve made the video below to help explain what Competency Based Education is, why we are shifting our practices, and what it will look like at Lincoln Street School.  There will be more videos in the future to help demonstrate our practices.  As always, please be sure to communicate with us if you have any questions.


Drew Bairstow, Principal

Similarity Awareness Presentations at LSS All Week

dsn_ne_passage_logos-2All week during LSS PE classes, students will experience an active presentation by UNH’s Northeast Passage.

Northeast Passage describes the experience as follows:

The presentation aims to create “Similarity Awareness”, which allows students of all ages to see that people with disabilities are an important part of our society and should be embraced and understood. The goal of the program is to give students, teachers and administrators the tools to discuss and explore the similarities we all share, regardless of ability.

Through this program, Northeast Passage brings wheelchairs and accessories to facilitate and play a variety of indoor wheelchair sports/games. This experience teaches non-disabled students that although using a wheelchair while playing a sport takes skill and practice, it’s also challenging, athletic and fun. (http://nepassage.org/similarity-awareness/).

This program provided exercise and a great learning experience for our students.  Many smiles and thought provoking questions have been seen so far!

PEA Community Programs for Local Children Spring Term Beginning April 1

phillips_exeter_academy_sealDear Lincoln Street Families,

Exeter is fortunate to have many supportive community entities in town.  Please read below to hear about a local opportunity for your children.

Phillips Exeter Academy students run community programs for local children each term. Our spring term program runs from April 1st – May 12th. We are just beginning our 6 week program and we are looking for new participants. If your child is interested in free after school or weekend programs with high school students please click on the link below to register and see what we have to offer. We have our regularly scheduled programs– basketball, chess, junior computer programming and children’s choir to name a few along with some new programs including ultimate Frisbee, History, squash, and tennis. Check out our website as there is so much more.