One More Way to Help You Understand What We Do!

Please check out the newest video on our YouTube channel to help explain Competency Based Education at LSS.


#1 Reason the LSS Music Program is the Best!

In the video below, the students of the 5th grade demonstrated all they’ve learned in music throughout their journey here at Lincoln Street School.  We certainly are proud of all they have accomplished.  Thanks to Bev Tabet for putting this video together…and of course, thank you to Sue Noseworthy for inspiring all of us with her love of music.

How Teachers Teach Students Like Doctors Save Lives

Yesterday, I spent the day working with an incredible group of teachers.  The group, made up of SAU 16 employees, were convened in the Seacoast Professional Development Center for an Instructional Rounds training provided by Assistant Superintendents Esther Asbell and Sandie MacDonald.  Nine staff members from our school were added to the nine previously trained LSS ranks.

This collaborative process of observing trends in instruction throughout an entire school is designed, ultimately, to improve student academic outcomes, just as instructional rounds in the medical field are designed to improve health.  Through a series of observations, teams of participants gather non-judgemental and objective data about a specified area (think: time on task, student-centered learning, questioning techniques).  This area is predetermined by the hosting school. The information is discussed and analyzed, and trends are uncovered.  This first set of rounds would be considered baseline data.   Once the hosting school receives the trends from the rounds, they create an action plan, and instructional rounds are scheduled after the school has a chance to make its adjustments.  The second and future rounds provide valuable data to help the schools assess their growth in the desired areas.  Please view the video above for a more detailed explanation of Instructional Rounds.